The personal care services offered by the Country Club At Woodland Hills are designed to assist those with disability or mobility challenges. Additionally, we offer a variety of physical therapy programs that are geared towards strengthening the body and mind of residents so they can live as independently as possible.

About Our Personal Care Assistance

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that retirement communities and personalized care will be one of the fastest-growing industries in the coming years, and we are proud to be on the cutting edge. Our personal care assistants can perform a range of tasks including financial management, meal preparation, and transportation and communication services. They will also work closely with residents to help them manage and even overcome age-related ailments.

Benefits of Having Personal Care Assistance in Your Senior Living Community

Retirees who become members of our association will have access to a number of benefits, such as:

  • Rapid Recovery

Research demonstrates that patients tend to recover from illness or surgery faster when they live in an environment that they consider to be their home, and have a reduced chance of getting an infection.

  • Individual Focus

While residents will be part of a larger community, they will be assigned attendants who will focus on their individual needs. This is different from the one size fits all approach that is often used at traditional retirement homes, where members are all given the same basic service.

  • Affordability

When you consider the full scope of amenities and around-the-clock care that is offered by our community, our rates are much more cost-effective than hospital stays and treatments. For example, an aging retiree that is living home alone who injures themselves due to a slip and fall can spend more than $30,000 on their hospital stay and subsequent treatment, but by joining our community, the likelihood of such an accident occurring is minuscule due to our ergonomically designed dwellings.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

The Country Club At Woodland Hills is ideal for retirees who live alone because their spouse is deceased and their family lives too far away to quickly come to their aid in the event of a health crisis. Members of our community have access to staff that is available 24/7 to assist them in a variety of requests. We also allow pets and those who join will get to socialize with the other residents.

Why Choose Country Club At Woodland Hills?

Though many retirees are concerned about losing their independence after moving into a living community, they’ll be pleased to learn that this won’t be the case with us, as our society has more in common with a vacation resort than a standard retirement home. Members of our community can come and go as they please and will have access to a wide range of amenities such as gourmet dining and their own spacious and stylish dwellings.

To learn more about living in Country Club At Woodland Hills, contact us or call us at 844.578.0228 today.