Caregiver holding hand of smiling senior woman with walking stick

How An Independent Living Community Respects Your Right To Age With Dignity

While aging is an inevitable process, and certain physical and mental faculties might decline as we age, retirement communities, such as an independent living community respects your right to age with dignity. Independent living communities aim to help retirees live their retirement to the fullest by assisting them with daily tasks they need help with…

Senior man volunteer holding donations box putting food into a box

4 Reasons Volunteering Is A Great Activity When Staying At Retirement Living In Bixby, OK

Reimagine aging through volunteer work. Not only does volunteering helps strengthen your community, but it also benefits you physically and emotionally. New studies have found more benefits for older adults who are volunteering after retirement. Here are some reasons why volunteering is a great activity to partake in when staying at retirement living in Bixby,…