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The Importance Of Socialization When You Retire In Bixby, OK Senior Living

Humans are inherently social beings. However, for seniors, socialization can be difficult. According to National Institute on Aging, almost three in ten American seniors live alone, which amounts to approximately 13.8 million people. Moreover, a study by the UCSF Division of Geriatrics showed that 43% of seniors feel lonely on a regular basis. While loneliness…

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A Life At Senior Living Centers In Broken Arrow, OK: How To Keep The Residents Active During Winter

During winter, it can feel tiring to even get off the couch. The cold weather and shorter days mean that you or your loved ones are more susceptible to becoming inactive. However, physical activity is an important component of your health, especially for seniors. You should aim for about 2½ hours of moderate-intensity exercise per…