Respite care is different from other services provided in any living community. It includes short-term stays for you or your loved ones in our community. We offer compassionate and quality respite care services for you or your loved ones in Country Club At Woodland Hills. These short-term stays will usually be required when the usual caregiver needs to be away or when you are not able to care for your loved ones due to personal reasons. Some residents may also choose the respite care option during their recovery from surgery or any other medical procedures when extra care is needed.

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The Respite Care Program

Respite care services are often taken up when the ability and health conditions for a caregiver to take care of their loved ones are under threat. We understand that all caregivers face challenges when they need to time off for a short break. Some might feel guilty when they need to leave town for a few days or if they have other responsibilities that they need to take care of. Taking time off to rest and recharge will help to make you a superior caregiver.

We make it easy and worry-free for you with our respite care services. We are here for you if you need to take a break from caring for your loved ones, or if they need additional assistance during their recovery stage from surgery or illness. Our compassionate team of respite care professionals will provide you with all the help you need. Your loved ones will have access to our resort-style amenities that are provided to the rest of our community, which include delightful meals, personal care services, and fun events and activities, and so on. We also provide residential care option, independent living cottages, and apartment homes.


What Respite Care Includes

Respite care offers benefits for both the caregivers and their loved ones in terms of their long-term health. It provides the caregivers an opportunity to recharge themselves and come back to caring for their loved ones with restored energy. Our committed team members in Country Club At Woodland Hills will help to ensure peace of mind if you need to be away. We also offer free assessments to answer your queries and walk you through our respite care services and guidelines. Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have.

Our Respite Care program at Country Club At Woodland Hills includes these amenities and services:

  • An easy transition with a personalized response from our caring team
  • Quick move in
  • Professional team on-site around the clock
  • Open-ended length of stay (10-day stay minimum)
  • Safe and secure location in a controlled environment
  • Furnished accommodations
  • Nutritious meals with snacks and beverages
  • Administration of medication
  • Assist in dressing, bathing, grooming, and continence, if needed
  • Transportation to therapy or doctor appointments
  • An open-door policy for home health and hospice
  • Arranging extra rehabilitation services
  • Long-term solutions


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We welcome you to contact us today to find out more about our respite care program and other living options in Country Club At Woodland Hills. We provide high-quality living options for you or your loved ones. Our community gets to enjoy delightful meals, resort-style amenities, fun events, and activities, and many more. We offer a diverse range of exclusive lifestyle programs for our community which include:

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