The health, safety, and comfort of residents living in the Country Club At Woodland Hills are paramount. To this end, we’ve hired a landscaping firm which meticulously manages our grounds to ensure it is always in a manicured condition.

About Our Beautiful Landscaped Grounds for Senior Living

Though many retirees spend lots of time indoors, the residents of our community are naturally drawn to the sight of the impressive grounds, with the pretty flowers, green grass, and pleasant natural scents. Spending time outdoors can rejuvenate both the body and mind, and we offer plenty of space for taking daily walks.

Benefits of Having Beautiful Landscaped Grounds in Your Retirement Community

The grounds we maintain at the Country Club At Woodland Hills were master-planned, which means that we primarily use grass instead of cement or asphalt, which provides cooler overall temperatures during summer. We’ve also planted trees that not only add to the scenery but which provide extra shade for residents and their pets while cleaning up the surrounding air, reducing the effects of pollution.

The flowers, trees, and plants we use are designed to capture both smoke and dust particles, which eliminates carbon dioxide while producing oxygen. Did you know that a single tree can eradicate as much as twenty-six pounds worth of carbon dioxide in a single year?

Our landscapes are also designed to mitigate the effects of adverse weather and storms. We accomplished this through the installation of runoff water buffers which reduce sediment flow and the plants will actually filter some of the pollutions from the water, and the woody shrubs will minimize both flooding and erosion.

These are just a few of the landscaping benefits that residents will gain from joining our community. Not only are our grounds pleasing to the eye, but they are also functional and perform multiple roles.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Relocating to our retirement community is a great idea for those who want to live in an area that requires little irrigation. During the heat of summer, it isn’t unusual for many areas of the Dust Belt to have water restrictions, but the residents of our community will not be affected by them.

This is because our landscaping and equipment are designed to conserve water and the trees, plants, and ground coverings will lower the consumption of fuel which is used by landscaping tools while also lowering noise pollution.

Why Choose Country Club At Woodland Hills for Senior Living?

We recognize that a well-designed landscape provides both psychological and physical benefits. Did you know that just staring at plants and being around them can lower one’s blood pressure? Retirees that live in locales that are rich in green spaces have reported both reduced healthcare costs and stress levels. When you combine this with the other amenities we offer, such as fine dining, transportation services, and 24-hour assistance, it is easy to see why so many retirees choose to spend their golden years with us!

To learn more about living in Country Club At Woodland Hills, contact us or call us at 918.221.7064 today.