In our living community, the safety and health of residents are our number one priority. As such, the medical providers and staff members in the Country Club At Woodland Hills have installed an emergency call system to ensure that residents can request assistance at all hours of the day or night.

About Our Emergency Call System

The emergency call system that we’ve installed uses the latest wireless technology to allow residents to contact staff members at any time. This is a necessity for falls, injuries, and emergencies of all kinds. These tools are so advanced that they can be activated by voice, which means that residents can still call for help even if they are not able to physically reach a phone.

Benefits of Having Emergency Call Systems in Your Senior Living Community

The emergency contact systems that we use provide many benefits, such as:

  • Access to Multiple Features

Aside from the ability to quickly contact others, these communication systems usually come with additional features such as carbon monoxide detectors and wake-up alarms.

  • Increased Caretaker Efficiency

In the past, caretakers had to physically make the rounds or contact patients directly to ensure they were cared for. With modern systems this doesn’t have to be done, which frees up the time and resources of staff to focus on other tasks, only responding to residents when needed.

  • The Technology Is Dependable

The call system used by our community utilizes time-tested technology which is dependable. This means that residents don’t have to worry about malfunctions or failure and our wireless system uses batteries which means they will continue operating even during power outages.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Retirees who are up in age are at an increased risk of developing illness and suffering from accidents and falls. Given the fact that many of these individuals are living alone with no one to come to their aid should such an event occur, this is one good reason to consider joining a retirement community such as the Country Club At Woodland Hills. Here you will have 24-hour access to staff members who will come to your aid whenever you need it.

Another benefit of becoming a member of our association is the social bonds you’ll develop. You’ll get to be around others of your age group which will give you the opportunity to find new friends. Research shows that retirees who maintain an active social life tend to be healthier than those who live alone and rarely communicate with others.

Why Choose Country Club At Woodland Hills?

The community call system that we use is constantly updated to ensure it uses the latest technology. This combined with the other features we offer such as gourmet meals, spacious and comfortable cottages, and recreational activities set our society apart from anywhere else. We even have a beauty salon and barbershop which is located on-site so that residents can get themselves groomed without having to leave the grounds. No wonder so many retirees want to live with us!

To learn more about living in Country Club At Woodland Hills, contact us or call us at 844.578.0228 today.