Medical and therapy services are designed to assist patients who are in the process of healing due to injury or disease. This includes the initial diagnosis along with the preventive and restorative recovery stage. Therapy can also be offered standalone or as part of various treatments.

About Our Medical and Therapy Services

The medical and therapy services that residents receive in our retirement community include a physical evaluation and exam which reviews their health history. The posture of the retiree will also be tested, along with their flexibility and movement, muscle performance, and joint mobility. A physician can then provide a diagnosis or prognosis and subsequently make both short and extended-term plans accordingly.

Residents at the Country Club At Woodland Hills can then choose to undergo physical therapy which is based on the results of their physical analysis and diagnosis, and there are a number of recommendations that will be made regarding self-management. It isn’t unusual for residents to meet with therapists regularly to perform physical exercises and many enjoy it due to the highly effective results.

Benefits of Having Medical and Therapy Services in Your Senior Living Community

The physical therapists that we employ are capable of treating a broad range of health conditions like:

  • Rotational cuff tears, back pain, and disorders involving the joints
  • Neurological problems resulting from spinal injuries, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and multiple sclerosis
  • Sports-related injuries such as tennis elbow or concussion
  • Pelvic floor problems such as lymphedema and urinary incontinence

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, those that become members of our community will also receive treatment for diabetic ulcers, wounds, and burns. Most important of all, we teach residents how to manage and alleviate pain without depending on opioids.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

It is recommended to move into our retirement community when a retiree manifests the following behaviors:

  • Concern or confusion when family or caregivers are absent for short timespans
  • Frequent bathroom accidents
  • Not getting adequate sleep at night
  • Challenges involving drinking or eating without assistance

The majority of people do not have access to an institution that is licensed to care for an aging retiree, but by working with us, you’ll always know that your loved one is receiving the proper care and attention that they deserve.

Why Choose Country Club At Woodland Hills?

Retirees all over the state and country choose to relocate to the Country Club At Woodland Hills because we do more than simply assist retirees with their medication and routine daily tasks. Instead, our goal is to help residents maximize their independence, dignity, and autonomy, to remain as active as possible so their golden years can be spent in joy rather than sadness. The social bonds that you will form with the other residents combined with our physical therapy programs is an experience that must be witnessed first-hand.

To learn more about living in Country Club At Woodland Hills, contact us or call us at 844.578.0228 today.