Happy 4th of July - Independence Day

Whether you are a kid or an older adult, Independence Day is one of the best summer holidays ever. It has parades, cookouts, pool parties, and fireworks. There is plenty of fun and exciting activities for you to try on the 4th of July. If you are looking for activities for older adults to do, this is for you. Read on to learn more about the best 4th of July activities to do with your friends!

Celebrating Outdoors

Celebrating outdoors is always fun. One of the best activities might be to people watch. You can also invite older people to take part in an outdoor activity that gives them a comfortable spot to be part of the festive celebrations while participating as much as they want.

  • Kite Flying

Watching kites float in the sky might be one of the most relaxing things ever. You can decorate the kites in patriotic colors and when they are up in the sky, your loved one can take over to play with them.

  • Backyard Barbecue

Invite your family and friends over and host a backyard barbecue! You can serve favorites such as hamburgers, potato salad, hot dogs, and coleslaw. You can also serve patriotic desserts such as white, red, and blue cupcakes.

  • Ice Cream Social

Beat the heat with an ice cream social! Everyone loves ice cream on a hot day so this is a great idea. You can even have a sundae bar with many different toppings available.

  • Neighborhood Parades

Hold your own neighborhood parade this 4th of July! You can decorate cars, wagons, and bicycles with American flags or colors. You can also find a local parage to enjoy.

  • Fireworks

Many local communities and organizations will have Independence Day fireworks shows. You will get to see fireworks for miles so you don’t have to squeeze with the crowds.

Indoor Activities

You might not feel like going out sometimes because of the heat and large crowds. But here are some fun indoor activities you can try for the holiday:

  • Patriotic Sing-A-Long

Pick some songs that your loved one knows, such as “This Land Is Your Land”, “America the Beautiful”, or “Yankee Doodle” and get everyone singing along to it together.

  • Red, White, and Blue Bingo

Create Bingo cards and fill in the boxes with things you see on Independence Day such as patriotic songs, flags, fireworks, stars, stripes and parades. People can fill in the Bingo cards at the party.

  • American Geography

Have a trivia game that challenges people to name American landmarks and locations based on the descriptions. You can give away patriotic prizes too.

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